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How PPC Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years?

The firm grasp of PPC in marketing

The influence of technology on our everyday lives can be seen clear as a day. One’s denial of this can be constituted as ignorance. Things have changed from having to hunt your own meal to devices that help you prepare one.

Even the place you are sitting in right now is laden with technology. The screen you have your eyes fixed on is also a product of the modern discoveries. They have made their way into our lives so flawlessly that most of them go unnoticed as regular objects.

You are surrounded and there is no escape. We welcomed these things into our lives for good and they for sure have served us without any trouble. The usage of varied techniques and devices has also escalated to help humans connect better.

The new age

In today’s age, we connect to people without the hustle of posting a letter and sending a telegram. Publishers do not wear off their energy over pasting blank ink on blank sheets. Things have changed and so have the ways of life. You see people connected through phones more than through physical touch and that is the best portrayal of technological influence.

Media especially print media has been largely dominated by digital media due to the greater influx of audience. People engage with varied content through online platforms and entrepreneurs are not naïve. They lunge for the glittering opportunity to promote their products or services.

PPC- the revolutionized marketing

What have revolutionized beyond an individual’s comprehension are the marketing strategies. Companies take a leap in adapting every new way of earning money to enhance profit. In order to gain more profit, it is vital for them to engage a massive audience with their service or product. You might even be letting a lot of companies earn through you without being aware of it.

PPC, commonly known as pay-per-click, is a prominent way of digital marketing. In this method, a company has to pay a certain amount of money every time an individual clicks their ad. The reality, however, is not that grim. The companies are only willing to pay for per click because that click earns them much more than they have to pay. This method not only welcomes a greater number of visits but can also skyrocket sales if done properly.

Working of PPC

PPC works in a technical way that needs a bit of understanding to proceed further. The service or product that the company is going to advertise will appear in the search engine once someone searches something relevant. The ad displayed will be sponsored because companies with the highest bids and quality go on top of the page.

If the individual finds the advertisement useful, a click is not improbable. Having clicked the link, that person will reach the landing page that varies excessively depending on the company in question. Google search engine is only one of the many options of PPC that people are willing to try.

However, when a company is trying PPC, it is treading on a thin thread. Logic and technique is required to make the thread stronger and the victory unquestionable. If some important features are provided the limelight they need, PPC is bound to succeed.

Principal features

The features in question are:

  1. Enthralling advertisement: The Company that has decided to bid for a place on the search engine needs to make an ad worth displaying there. The advertisement should be of high quality not only to get the first place on the page but also for the user to find it clickable. All the efforts will go down the drain if the ad is not compelling enough and the readers do not understand it.
  2. Landing page: Landing page is the page that opens when the user clicks on the link. Once the person is on that page, creativity should be reflecting from every corner. Page should be catchy enough to compel the person to stay. Color contrasts, clickable icons and response time should be on point in order to assure user’s contentment. It might make the user come back.
  3. Keywords: The keywords are the words that the companies bid on. Once something is searched with the keyword in it, Google look for the most suitable ad to put on the page. This is why it is important that the keywords that are chosen fit effortlessly with the service/product advertised. Better related the keywords are more chances of getting the first place.


Benefits of PPC cannot be denied or questioned because of the success and fame this method has grasped. Everything one look up on the internet somehow link him to a service or product. All thanks to PPC for giving businesses their desired exposures and for easing people’s hunt for reliable things.

Attainable goals

PPC makes one’s goals attainable. It can help companies increase the visit on their websites and enhance their annual profits. If done the right way, the goals set by companies can easily be entertained.

The keywords can have varied goals depending on the companies in question. However, what do not vary are the results if executed perfectly.

Easier tracking and measuring

The companies who sign up for PPC can easily track the progress and measure the visits using software that is free to use. They are not displayed discreetly because precision is the goal. Clicks, impressions, performance and every other aspect can be viewed by a click.

Convenient access

PPC is not an agency top-secret that is known only to the chosen ones. It is amiable to use even for companies trying their luck in digital marketing for the first time. There are no technical complications that can knock one out or deviate one from the right path.

The instructions are basic. Companies new to this can go head first in PPC and can then slowly pave their way to the complicated marketing strategies.

Better reach

The clicks that the companies are paying for are not for fun. Those clicks are hidden chest boxes full of gold. They improve their reach in unimaginable ways which might not have been possible if the users were to just search directly.

New customer base

The old customers already know the services and products but in order to get new customers, marketing is vital. PPC allows companies to find new customers who might even become permanent. This counts for the overall profit and also improved number of visits to the site.

PPC is the paramount in today’s marketing. Even companies with an already massive audience try this method out to form new loyal customers. Services and products are sold out to random people only because they clicked on a link displayed in the search engine. The bids do not go to waste because marketing is all about strategy.

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