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How to create website on WordPress

Do you want to find an answer to a simple algebraic equation? Are you curious to understand the technical terms of science and technology? OR You wonder what the trending fashion products in the market are these days! All your answers are available on the internet on several websites. So, if you wish to create a website in a specific niche, then you must be aware of certain website-creating tools. Luckily, we have the best tool that creates websites with drag and drops ease. WordPress has made it easy for beginners to start their businesses online by creating simple websites.

Let’s throw some light on how to create a website on WordPress!

Figure 1 how-to-create-website-on-WordPress

Step 1: Decide a suitable name for your website

Your business name is the shadow of the products you are selling. Creating a unique business name is essential to take a good position online. Your website will be known by your business name, so choose carefully. You must pick your niche smartly. If you are going to create a website regarding educational content, then the name of your website must be related to your educational or academic background. After choosing a suitable and unique name for your website according to your nice, you must move to the next step. It involves taking the domain for your website.  

Step 2: Select a valid domain name

The domain name that you chose must be related directly to the niche you select in the previous step (Step 1). If you are going to choose a difficult or uncommon name for your domain, then it will be difficult for common people to understand or remember it. Choose the domain name that people should find easy to remember and recall. If you are stuck on the name, but .com is taken already then try using .net or .co.

Step 3: Buy suitable web hosting for your website

Every website that is on the internet is using some hosting service. These hosting services are responsible to handle your website through a reliable web hosting service.

You can find industry-leading servers as well as infrastructures on HostGator, HostPapa, etc. If you wish to work on shared web hosting, then some hosting servers also provide this service. This characteristic is extremely popular among WordPress users.

Step 4: Create an account on WordPress – Install WordPress

After setting up the domain name and finding a suitable hosting platform, the next step is to install WordPress.

WordPress is easy to install and it runs on Windows as well as Linux platforms. We are going to understand how to choose WordPress themes in the next step (Step 5).

Step 5: Choose your desired WordPress theme

It is easy to work with WordPress because you can decide your desired design theme for your website design. WordPress offers thousands and thousands of free themes to be used by WordPress users.

Some themes might cost you money depending upon your choice. It is necessary to choose a sensible layout for your website that will serve the meaning of your website quite well. The content that you plan to publish must meet your WordPress theme. There are ready-made themes available for topics such as business, services, beauty, fashion, photography, education, food, and many others.

Step 6: Configure the suitable plugins

Plugins are programs that are written in PHP scripting language.

These WordPress plugins add a particular set of features as well as services to a WordPress website. These plugins allow customization as well as the flexibility to your WordPress website. There are valuable tools and features available for your website visitors as well. One of the best WordPress plugins that correct your site’s content is the Yoast SEO plugin. It is quite handy when it comes to checking the SEO of your website.

Step 7: Complete all your administrative pages

Always add your important pages before you move to the next step in building your website. These important pages include:

  • Contact page,
  • About page,
  • Privacy page, and
  • Disclaimer page

After completing these pages, you can start working on the respective pages of your choice.

Step 8: Publish your content online

The content that you publish online holds huge importance. Always publish the content that is trending on the internet. Depending upon your niche, create a list of content you want to publish and find its suitable keywords. The pages must be visually rich and the quality of your content must be of high quality. If you are creating a blogging website, then keep writing one blog daily for your WordPress website.

Figure 2 how-to-create-website

Step 9: Do not forget the advertising

Never forget to advertise your website on your respective social media accounts. In this way, more visitors will come to your website and your website will gain more traffic.

Step 10: Create a backup of your website

When you have created a WordPress website, the content on the site is your most valuable asset.

Therefore, make sure you back up your site for any unforeseen disaster. If you are writing a blog, backing up your content means to keep the track of records in case of a crash. If your posts, plugins, and affiliate links are not backed up carefully then you will find it difficult to get back on your feet quickly.


Websites are the ways to increase knowledge among people these days. People are inclined towards searching for their desired product, topic, or niche online rather than discussing with their fellows. That is why creating great content is of huge importance.